Constructed 2 Full Power Television stations for Community Educational Television for the Island of Puerto Rico, WUJA Channel 58 and WKKU Channel 32.

Vice President: Agape TV Media

First annual Spanish Latin American Ministerial Satellite Conference

Installed 3 Camera Studio facilities in Houston Texas.


Developed a 4 camera mobile production facility in San Benito Texas with a complete 34 foot Mobile Truck.

Development of a 5,000 sq. ft. studio and meeting facility in South Texas complete with 3 Camera studio facility set design and installations.


Co-founded and launch Faith Pleases God church production facility


Constructed Channel 15 Topeka, KS. Establish Master Control, Administrations and Sales.

Constructed and General Manager of O&O Channel 55 Corpus Christi, TX. Installation of technology and Administrative support.


Constructed Channel 52 San Antonio, Texas

Built two production studios and provided/supervised two complete studios, staff included.

Constructed Channel 46 Beaumont, Texas

Senior Vice President of operations for Agape TV Media supervising 4 complete Television operations in Topeka, KS, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Beaumont, TX.


Founded Ortiz Media Group, Inc. a consultations and media brokering company with $600,000 annual budget.

Provided airtime sales and full length program placement for 4 television networks: NBC, FOX, Univision & Televisa MX.

Signed on the air O&O KOBS Channel 63 in San Antonio, Texas

Signed on the air O&O KWDT Channel 13 in Corpus Christi, Texas


Signed on the air KTRG Channel 10 in Del Rio/San Antonio, TX.

Negotiated Warner/Brothers affiliation agreements for Channel KTRG Channel 10

Negotiated United Paramount Network affiliation for South Texas station.

Signed on the air KNEZ Channel 64 Oklahoma City, OK.

Negotiated and implemented a $1.6 Million contract for airtime in KNEZ

Negotiated Warner/Brothers affiliation agreements for KNEZ Oklahoma City, Ok Channel 64

Designed and built the first fiber optic television network in the USA linking broadcast stations throughout South Texas. San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Del Rió, Laredo and McAllen. Complete point-to-point digital solutions and co-constructed LEL-Digital Mpeg 2 Compression desk-top video servers.

Signed on the air KCOS Channel 28 Phoenix, Arizona.


Launched Family Television Network via Satellite. Co-constructed a complete Teleport Uplink center in Harlingen, Texas.

Negotiated purchases of New and used portable Uplink equipment and successfully negotiated retransmission rights to over 30 television stations.

Relocated Ortiz Media Group, Inc. from Harlingen Texas to San Antonio, Texas.


Launched Faith Pleases God Church in San Antonio as Senior Pastor.

Constructed Channel 25 and Channel 63 in San Antonio.

Constructed Channel 64 New Braunfels, Texas

Founder/President of The Hello Channel a Tourist Marketing company providing advertising through Close-circuit Hotel Channels. Complete distribution in Sheraton, Hilton, Omni, Radisson and over 58 Hotels throughout San Antonio and Corpus Christi.


Vice President/CEO/Pastor of Faith Pleases God Church, Corporation in Harlingen Texas with 60 Staff members and 2500 member church

President of Family Television Network.

Television broadcast program with a daily transmition rights on Enlace, Cadena de Milagros and Miracle Network. Broadcast coverage and retransmission rights to 38 countries.


Founder/President of Clark Ortiz Ministries International, Inc.

Launch and President of La Familia Network the first Hispanic Family Entertainment Network with International penetration and Satellite coverage.

La Familia Network retransmits throughout the USA via Cable retransmission agreements to over 1,000,000 Cable homes and has Licensing agreements to over 30 million homes.

Creation of The God Pleaser Television Broadcast with broadcasting rights in over 140 Countries via Broadcast, Cable and Satellite stations daily.

International crusades in Guatemala, Puerto Rico and the USA ministering to more then 2,000 - 60,000 in attendance per meeting


Founder/President FE-TV. FeTV is retransmitted on over 20 television stations and Amazonas Satellite and Pan American Satellite with coverage over all of North, Central and South America.

Invited to the Inauguration of the President of El Salvador

Ministered in Panama to over 60,000 in attendance nightly

Co-Founded and Negotiated the First Hispanic Media Summit held in Time Square, New York City.


Recognized as the Top 50 Most Influential Minority in Cable; Most Influential Hispanic by Cableworld and Broadcast Cable

Accepted the commission of Board of Director of Dove Media the largest African Media company founded by the Largest Church in Africa with over 20 million members.

Co-founded, as Board Member, the launch of Dove Broadcasting on the TITI Direct-To-Home system over Nigeria.

Co-founded, Owner and Consultant to CTV Broadcasting LLC.


Negotiated the first International Direct-To-Home system for all of the Americas and Europe via Amazonas Satellite in Earths orbital position of 61 deg.

Co-Partnered with HDTV Uplink Corporations to provide a Global presence in DTH (Direct to Home) Networks

Recognized as the Top 50 Most Influential Minority in Cable for the 2nd year in a row by Cableworld and Broadcast Cable Magazine.

Creation and Launch of Radio Jubileo a Spanish Music and Family Value Radio Network

Negotiated the purchase of 2 AM radio stations in Tampa, Florida for $1.4 Million.

Established Quality Texas Mortgage in San Antonio, Corpus Christi and McAllen Texas as the Director/Branch Manager. Three offices with available funding for Commercial and Residential Funding.

Co-founder of Tele-Frontera the first and only Mexican/American Boarder television network with 4 O&O Television Stations; McAllen, Rio Grande City, Eagle Pass & Uvalde.


Launch of The God Pleasers Church in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Creation and Launch of Radio Jubilee an English radio network in Tampa, Florida.

Negotiated the purchase of 1 AM radio station in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Market for $5 Million.

Initial Organization and Consultant for VAN (Visual Arts Network) the first and only Television Network created for the sole purpose of Entertaining and Educating in the area of the Visual Arts.

Co-Founder and CEO of Austin411 a Tourist City Marketing Agency televising in the premier 5-Star Hotels in the Austin area.


Launched Visual Arts Network (www.visualartsnetwork.tv)

Creation and Co-Founder of TV Vision Network, LLC a Hispanic Entertainment Television network in Tampa, Florida

Founder/President of 1580 AM, LLC in McAllen, Texas. 1580AM is a full power AM Radio station covering over 2.2 Million people in Northern Mexico Southern Texas region.


Launch of iPoint Television which is the largest IPTV Cable service with over 160 family Christian television and radio channels. www.iPoint.tv


Opened offices and web operations for iPoint Television.


Opened Offices in the United Kingdom.

Accolades and Awards:

Fastest growing Church in South Texas 1994 Associated Press

7th Largest Hispanic Ministry Cadena De Milagros

Largest Church in the Rio Grande Valley 1994-1999 Valley Morning Star

Top 50 Most Influential Minorities in Cable 2004 & 2005 Broadcast Cable Magazine & Cableworld

Leader in Hispanic Family Programming CTAM

La Familia Network Largest Hispanic Women Appeal Time Warner Cable, Comcast Cable, Cox Cable and Adelphia Cable

Voting Member of NATPE National Association of Television Program Executives

Accomplishments and Participations

Panelist Several Cable Industry conferences CTAM

Consulted Cable Industry in the area of Hispanic appeal

Participated in the Largest FCC Low Power TV filings with over 6000 applications

Consulted churches in development of their media department

Consulted Latin American ministries in the area of applying for Broadcast Licenses from their countries

Presenting Networks to cable industry leaders.

Participate in co-advertising marketing events for Time Warner Cable (National)

Member of National Advertising Association

Participate in Surveys and Marketing events with Time Warner Cable, Comcast Cable, Cox Cable, Adelphia Cable, Cablevision and Charter Cable.

Presented LFN personally to all the top 25 cable systems in the country.

Co-founder of Broadcast Cable Magazine Hispanic Media Summit in New York City. To date is the Largest Hispanic Media Summit in history.

Consulted in the organization and ground launch of the Largest African owned television network and Direct-To-Home system called TITI located in Nigeria.

List of a few of the networks and organizations consulted or co-founded:

Cadena De Milagro

La Familia Network, Inc.*

FETV, Inc.*

Radio Jubileo*

Radio Jubile*

JIREM Network

Daystar Television Network

New Creation Network*

Revival Ministries International Dr. Rodney Howard-Brown

Fuente De Agua Viva

The Hello Channel*


Hispanic Televisión Network*

Broadcast Cable Publications

Dove Media, Inc.

Cable Fact Book

La Prensa Newspaper

Radial Vida Network (Atlanta)*

Dominion Sky Angel

Enlace Network


TV Azteca





Visual Arts Network


Radio Imagen (South Texas)

TV Visión Network

List of Owned/Operated or Board Member of Corporations Profit and Non-Profit consisting of Ortiz Organization:

Clark Ortiz Ministries International, Inc.

Faith Pleases God Church International, Inc.

Faith Pleases God Church, Inc.

La Familia Network, Inc.

FeTV, Inc.

Ortiz Media Group, Inc.

Agape TV Media, Inc.

Mission 2000, Inc.

Dove Media, Inc.

CTV Broadcasting, LLC

Faith & Grace, Inc.

Heroes, Inc.


1580 AM Radio, LLC

TV Vision Network, LLC

Clark Ortiz

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